The starting point is the art. 
Before Downs Syndrome, 
before extra chromosome, before disability, 
before anything.


Photography by Damien Frost


Horrora Shebang


Horrora, also known as Madame Shebang in some inner circles, is a very super major Bitch in many hoods around the world. She won Alternative Miss Wilderness 2018. 

She is man eater by day and a film maker by night. She won Best Actor at Cannes Film Festival and played Yoel in the BAFTA nominee short Samuel-613 (About A Goy). Currently Horrora is working on a major horror feature film as director and producer.


Frozita Honkong


Frozitta Hongkong is a well travelled queen. Very graceful in nature, Frozitta has a huge knowledge in music and can take you down in every quiz. She is very kind but can bite hard if one shouts too loud in her presence. 


Gaia Callas


Miss Gaia Callas is a prolific artist, performer, filmmaker and a painter.



Justin Bond


Justin Bond, King Justin Bond if you’re NASTY!

Justin Bond is multi-talented, handsome King. He can sing, he can dance, he can love you till the end of time.



George the Lord


Our Lord is fierce king who likes his studies. Focus is his part time favorite activity.



Lady Francesca


Hail to the lady.


Gymma Black


She does black magic.